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Kim was arrested for shoplifting at the local drug store, she was brought down to the local jail where she was giving the guard a really hard time at booking. To teach Kim a lesson the guard decided to humiliate her, she first strip searched her, she then searched her tight holes with her gloved hand, digging deep into her virgin asshole. To top it off after she was done she bent her over her knee and gave her a spanking like her daddy used to do when she was young!
Donna was caught at a local chop shop and was arrested on the spot. Down at the jail she was given the guard a really hard time. The guard was so pissed that she wanted to teach this bitch a lesson she would never forget. After humiliating her she strip searched her and then bent Donna over and started shoving her finger deep into her tight asshole. Watch as Donna gets the treatment of her life.
While being booked Brandy was given the jail guard a hard time. To shut her up and teach her a lesson the guard started to humiliate her, she then stripped her down and began an intense anal exam. She even stuck a few fingers deep into her pussy. Before this she was spanked over the guards knee and was told what was going to happen. Watch this video to see how humiliated Brandy was.
April was arrested and brought down to the local jail, while inside she was raising hell, cursing at the cops, yelling etc. After many warnings from the officer fell on deaf ears he decided to teach her a lesson of respect.. He started off with a strip search and then went and did a deep anal search with his fingers. Instead of teaching her a lesson it turned her on, she begged him for more and he gave in and pulled his cock out, she was stunned at the total size of his package. She started sucking on it, then had him put it deep inside her. Watch the entire video to see everything that happens!
Amy was arrested and brought down to prison for booking. This was the 3rd time she was arrested this year and the officer was sick and tired of dealing with her. She decided to make this arrest a night to remember! She instructed her to strip off her clothing and gave her a very painful cavity exam!
Cindy was arrested for prostitution and brought down to the local prison for booking. This was the 5th time she was arrested, so the officer decided that a little humiliation might teach her a lesson. After being strip searched she was given a very uncomfortable pussy and anal search!
Brenda was arrested and brought down to the prison holding cell. After the detective arrived, she brought Brenda into the main office for an entire humiliating strip and cavity search. Brenda is stripped down and has her asshole spread and poked. She is then handcuffed and put back into the holding cell!
Becky was charged with DUI. and was brought down to the booking! While there Becky was given the guard a hard time so the guard wanted to teach her a lesson. She first did a strip search then she took her finger and shoved it deep into Becky's tight ass hole, then she was placed on her back and had a finger shoved deep inside her pussy!
Amanda was caught shoplifting and was arrested for this and being drunk in public! While at the intake she was giving the jail guard a hard time so the guard wanted to really go that extra mile in making her stay in jail hell.She strips her down and humiliates her as she bends over while shoving her finger deep into her pussy, she then makes her lay down and shoves a gloved finger deep into her tight blond ass hole! Watch as she gets the entire exam from head to toe!
Lisa was working the streets and was busted during a late night police sting! This is her 3rd time being caught in 4 months so she is looking at real jail time. She was scared and pissed and was given the jail guard a hard time, so to teach Lisa a lesson she wont ever forget the guard strips her down and does a deep search of Lisa's ass hole, pussy, mouth and her pretty feet! Bet Lisa wont become a bitch again down in booking, well at least not with this guard!
This hot slut was selling her pussy on 5th and main and was busted by the law dawgs! She was pissed and was yelling at the jail house guard, so the guard wanted to teach this whore a lesson, she stripped her down bent her over shoved her finger deep in to her pussy & then her lose butt hole! Watch the entire movie inside the members area now!
While driving drunk this busty brunette wrecked her car into a ditch, she was soon arrested for DUI. while at the jail she was given this guard a hard time and really pissed her off. She wanted to teach this lush a lesson she wouldn't ever forget! She strip searches her, then she takes her gloved finger and shoves it deep into her tight asshole. She then fingers her pussy while degrading this slut! Watch the entire jail house strip search now!







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